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Evolution™ Update

Evolution™ Update is the program you will need to keep your rating tools up to date. The entry page of our program will tell you how many days it has been since an update has been run. This program is for updates only. It will not install the entire program. If you need to completely install Evolution™ please call 517-324-9100 or email to order an Full Install.

For more detailed information about the Evolution™ Update process, click here.

To install Evolution™ Update Click the icon below to update to version 1.023.

Install Internet Updater Now

Installing Evolution™ Update
    • When your browser asks what to do with the file, select Open or Run from current location.
    • If you get a warning about security certificates or authenticode signatures, just click Yes or OK.
    • Follow the prompts to install the update software. When you are prompted for the Destination Directory, make sure the drive and directory are where Evolution™ is installed.
    • Once the install is finished, you will find a new icon called Evolution™ Update on your desktop as well as within the Capital program group.
    • To update all related Capital software, just double-click the "Evolution Update" icon.

    • Setting Evolution™ Update to run as an automated task

      Setting up Evolution Update to run automatically is pretty easy. The first thing you need to do is check some options in Evolution Update itself.

      1. Launch Evolution Update but do not click Start. Instead, click Tools-> Options. On the Standard Options tab, make sure all three boxes are checked (Start Automatically, Close When Done, Display Newsletter When Done). This will make Evolution Update begin updating as soon as the icon is launched. Click Continue and then close Evolution Update. Make sure to select a computer that is always on and ready to perform tasks.

      2. To set up the automated task, you must use Windows Task Scheduler, which you can find on your Start Menu, under Accessories-> System Tools. Open Task Scheduler and click on Create Basic Task, or Add Scheduled Task (depending on your version of Windows).

      3. There are several steps to creating the task. Depending on your version of Windows, they may appear in a different order, but they are:
      • Name the task: name it whatever you wish.

      • Program to run: The program to run is Copycap.exe and you can find this in your CAPITAL folder. Just click the Browse button when you get to this step and find Copycap.exe in your CAPITAL folder.

      • When you wish to run the task: This is up to you whenever it makes sense for your office. Normally, you would pick Daily and a time when no one is certain to be in Evolution, probably late at night or early morning.

      • Username and password: This is the username and password under which you are logged in at your computer. Task Scheduler will probably detect the username but you will need to supply the password. If you must type in a password when your computer starts in the morning, this is the password to enter. If the password is not entered correctly, the task will surely fail.

      • If Task Scheduler asks you what task you wish to have it perform, choose Start a Program - Copycap.exe.

      If you have setup the task correctly, it will run at your specified time and when you come into your office in the morning, you will see our newsletter displayed on your screen.

      If you do not see the newsletter or an open Internet Explorer window with the newsletter, then the task did not run.

      Opening Task Scheduler, you will see the task in the list of scheduled tasks and you can check the status message to tell you why it did not run.

      The most common reason why the task does not run is incorrect username or password. Also make sure user account control is off or the update may fail.

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